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Founded by Ken Baker in 1979 in St. Louis, MO. Ken relocated LRT to the Greater Cincinnati area in 1990 where the company continued to move forward with an already successful restoration business. With concrete restoration at the core of its business, LRT has become a leader in the application of the latest technologies, materials and installation methods for the repair and preservation of concrete and masonry. Now located in Monroe, OH the company has flourished in its ability to restore, protect, and preserve the structures its customers use to live, work, and play. As a leader in the industry, we achieve excellence with best-practiced individuals, integrity, and guided by our values of PEOPLE. HONOR. GRIT.

Our well-rounded business consists of an all-encompassing concrete, waterproofing, and facade restoration package including the following teams/services:

See the detailed sections of these services for more information, as well as examples of projects we've done.

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MISSION - To achieve excellence in restoring, protecting, and repairing the structures our customers use to live, work, and play. Our source for making this happen is an outstanding team of people guided by our values and focused on creating opportunity with a humble pride for ourselves, our families, and each other. 

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