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LRT is a full-service specialty contractor, providing all services related to Façade/Masonry Restoration. Every project is unique and we keep our eye on maintaining the integrity of the structure while meeting the specific needs and requirements for each project.

Our experienced and professional workforce perform the following services regarding Building Façade/Masonry Restoration projects:

• Sealant replacement
• Lintel repair and replacement
• Crack repair
• Epoxy injection
• Façade re-anchoring systems
• Precast concrete repairs
• Brick, block, stone repair and replacement

• Terracotta repair and replacement
• Building cleaning
• Water repellent application
• Coating applications

Facade Inspection:
All City of Cincinnati buildings 5 or more stories high, or taller than 60 feet, with more than 15 years of age, are now required to submit a building façade report to ensure it is in a safe condition. If this ordinance impacts you, LRT is ready to help in establishing an effective path to compliance. 



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